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Work in Anthologies

Work in Journals + Magazines

"When I Am Dorothy Gale," Florida Review, Winter 2022.

"The Pomegranate is a Backup Ovary," "Melusine," "We Are Afraid Of What Our Teeth Can Do." Angel City Review, Summer 2021.

"Dear Dolly, I too wanted." Limp Wrist, Winter 2021.

"Fecundity," "Nurturing." The West Review, Fall 2020.

"Ornithophobia." Construction Magazine, Fall 2020.

"Only Two." Prism Review, Summer 2020. Winner of the 2020 Poetry Prize.


"Fruitings." Iron Horse Literary Review, Spring 2020.

"Amardine." Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Spring 2020.

"Other Tongues." Permafrost, Spring 2020.

"Let There Be Light." Pretty Owl Poetry, Spring 2020. Nominated for Best of the Net 2020.

"The Sibyl Speaks to Circe." The Shore, Spring 2020.

"While Out of My Country's Reach." Glassworks Magazine, Spring 2020.

"The Sibyl Speaks to Helen." Fugue, Winter 2020.

"Chiseling." Tammy, Winter 2020.

"Upon A Marriage," "The Primeval Atom." PoetrySouth, Fall 2019.

"Molt." Calyx, Fall 2019.

"Spelling Dog Backwards." Green Mountains Review, Spring 2019.

"Genesis." Scalawag Magazine, Winter 2019.

"Medusa, Present Day." Arkana, Fall 2018.

"Testimony." The Adirondack Review, Fall 2018.

"Luna di Miele." 3 Elements Review, Fall 2018.

"Look At It This Way," "The Hand That Feeds." Construction Lit Mag, Spring 2018.

"The Witch's Meal," "The Blue Book." Muse/A Journal, Spring 2018.

"Pirouette." Bluestem Magazine, Fall 2017.

"First Blood." Killjoy, Fall 2017.

"Storm Shelters." Sun Star Lit Review, Fall 2017.

"Dream Before My Wedding." Bad Pony, Fall 2017.

"The Preacher's Granddaughter." The Indianapolis Review, Fall 2017.

"Exoskeleton." Nightjar Review, Spring 2017.

"This is Good." Muse/A Journal, Spring 2017.

"Erosion." Santa Ana River Review, Winter 2017.

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